Dress Code-

De Lynn Dance Company enforces a strict dress code for all of our classes. We are pleased to announce that we have now partnered with Virtual Dance Boutique CostumeManager.com to provide for all of your dance attire needs. Once logged onto their site, click on the "Dancer" button. You will be directed to input your studio name (De Lynn Dance Company), as well as your instructor name (Deborah Demellopine), along with a few other pieces of information.  Dance attire items can also be ordered through a second option, discountdance.com. Both sources have our full dress code lists on file for all of our classes. Please do not substitute items, unless previously approved by your instructor.Attire and shoe requirements vary by class, so if your dancer is enrolled in more than one style of dance, please check the appropriate list for each class.  Please note, that every class has a required leotard, printed with our company name, that is part of our dress code. The leotard must be ordered directly through your instructor via the Leotard Order Form Below.  The leotard is universal for all of our classes, regardless of dance style. Dress Code class lists are also posted at the studio for your viewing. each list also contains a bar code, so for those of you who have a smartphone with a bar code app, you simply scan and you will be able to access the order site and specific Dress Code pages. The site also contains convenient tutorial videos and a direct phone number should you have any questions.


Additional optional items, such as sweats, hoodies, tee shirts, shorts. dance bags and garment bags are available through our GTM Sportswear Teamstore at:  http://teamstore.gtmsportswear.com/delynndancecompany